At the turn of the last century, the telephone revolution was in full swing, not everyone lived in New York City or other well-connected cities.

Joel, sitting on a park bench in a wooded area

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No, instead some people lived on farms and ranches, places where the nearest neighbor might be miles away. Even more than in New York City, communication technology was vital to connect these isolated homesteads and settlements together.

While the ranchers and farmers may be rural, they were also clever and understood the technology of the day – and built their own telephone systems, using what they had (such as the barbed wire fences that were ubiquitous). By using the technology on hand, and innovating, they built the technology they needed for their businesses and social lives.

I’m not going to claim to be as clever as these ranchers were, but I do accept these people as examples to follow. They were intelligent and understood they theory. They also were practical and could actually make something tangible, something real, with their hands – all while working what anyone would consider a full-time job (ranching or farming).

Like them, I enjoy getting my hands on new technology, in areas where I have a formal background (my education is primarily in computer science) and where I have the opportunity to learn – and to do interesting things with that technology.

This is a place to share some of these discoveries – you’ll find operating system tricks (primarily Linux), digital network musings, and electronics (primarily digital electronics, such as microcontrollers).  These are my hobbies – while I work professionally for a major internet provider, I do this stuff for fun! And I hope to share some of that sense of fun with others.

I believe it is important to share our passions with other like-minded people. And for that reason, I’ve established this blog. Please let me know if you have any thoughts about it!

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