Secrets to Good Home Wifi

You open up your laptop, enter your password, and then start your browser. Maybe you click on a movie.

What happens next? For far too many homes, what happens next is your browser starts playing and then rebuffers the movie. Maybe you get kicked off your wifi completely. The ISP gets blamed – and may be at fault, but probably not for the reason you are yelling at them. The problem is most likely not your internet connection. It’s your wireless network. These tips are for experienced IT people who are comfortable reading IT system manuals, but who don’t have strong expertise in wireless 802.11 networking. Wifi is, sadly, not a “plug-and-play” technology – certainly anyone can learn about it and become an expert, but sometimes it’s better to hire an expert. If you need your Wifi to work like your home’s electricity, and always be there when you need it, sometimes you’ll need to hire experts in the field. But I’m going to assume that you are more of a do-it-yourself type of person who is comfortable learning more about their technology, and are able to read and understand your network devices’ manuals. With that in mind, how do we fix this?
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